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60 years of Artificial Intelligence: Realities and challenges

In 2016, the term Artificial Intelligence (AI) is 60 years old. This milestone coincides with a social concern regarding the scope of such technology. The Catalan Association of Artificial Intelligence (ACIA), founded in 1994 by professionals from different academic disciplines, has the responsibility of advising on AI issues. So it decided to undertake a dissemination campaign to explain and debate the challenges of AI to improve social welfare.

The project aims to come AI closer to all actors in society, from the government and administration, to business, academia and citizens with a view of the real AI in the daily lives of all people, and contrast it with visions of the shown on the science fiction films and books, looking for an optimistic future of AI for a sustainable society.

For this purpose, the ACIA Dissemination Committee has prepared a range of different activities in all of its territory. Download the poster, check the schedule and participate!

You can kepp up to date through meet-up.
The results are being collected in a digital book .

Conferences, debates, and discussion panels
Debate around the film “Robot and Frank”
Discussion panels about realities and challenges
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Cineforum calendar with discussion panels
Literature and AI
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